What does Savant mean?

A Savant is a rare type of person that possesses the intellectual capacity not only to influence the present but to shape the future.

Savant Events is a new breed of intellectual interaction that brings together the most dynamic thinkers in a specialised field. Our core focus remains on forward looking industries that promise to change the communication, interaction, well-being and mobility of future societies.

Savant events was formed by a group of people who desired to be engines of change within their respective organisations. They envisioned a new type a events where the Savants of each industries could meet in creative environments that can propel change and Savant Events was born.

Fresh insights from inspiring senior industry speakers weighing in on the issues that really matter
Leading-edge programmes researched over a period of months uncovering global trends & its impact on your industry
Choose between multiple streams with practical sessions on specific topics
Meet the audience of the highest calibre with senior-level executives representing leading buy-side companies
Meet old acquaintances, make new business contacts & enjoy a proper coffee between sessions, at cocktail receptions and award ceremonies